About Us

Vision, Mission, Core Value and Strategic Goals


To be the leading printing, paper converting and paper producing company in East Africa that delivers the best quality with the most reasonable price by 2022.


Our mission at Yekatit is to have vigorous growth through excellence in corporate governance, customer experience, finance and operation along with best employees’ practice, innovation, quality, sustainability and commitment to provide the best value to our consumers.

We are committed to

Ø    Good quality

Ø    Exceptional customer service

Ø    Competitive price

Core Values

Ø    Excellence and quality

Ø    People Development

Ø    Respect

Ø    Innovation

Ø    Accountability

Ø    Profitability

Ø    Social Responsibility


To achieve Yekatit’s mission and fulfill our vision, we have four strategic goals and aligned with company objectives and wining strategies.

Ø    Improving Internal Business Process

Ø    Improve customer’s experience

Ø    Bringing Financial excellence

Our Commitment

ü  Client Satisfaction 

Our job is to provide quality product with a reasonable price through new technologies, professional, proactive and personal services

ü Corporate social responsibilities 

We are committed to do the right thing with respect to the environment, our community, our people and our business sustainability. We strive to bring new technologies, new knowledge, and new way of doing things that assist to transform printing, paper converting industries in our country, as a part of the company commitment to create new more jobs, eco-friendly environment and support nation sprit for development of manufacturing sector. Corporate social responsibility for our company means:

Ø    Being responsible to society by supporting communities, managing our environment impact and having positive impact through our supply chain managing.

Ø    Investing in the skills and capabilities of our employees 

Ø    Delivering quality product with fair price