History & Background of yekatit paper converting PLC

As one of Ethiopian largest printing and paper converting company, YEKATIT PAPER CONVERTING P.L.C. is responsible for delivering quality products to meet the growing Ethiopian demand for paper consumables, printing and packaging.


The foundations of Yekatit were laid in 1958 by foreign private investors. After many years of operations, nationalized in 1975 by the defunct government. Following the privatization policy of the existing government, the enterprise was acquired by the current owner Mr. Gobezayehu Zerihun in 2010. After acquisition, it was merged with TECHNO PRINTERS that was also the property of the owner founded in June 2004, leading to the formation of YEKATIT PAPER CONVERTING P.L.C. in September 2012.  Over the years, generous investment from current owner has been growing the company and brought many breakthroughs that have continued to enrich it. Yekatit Paper Converting Plc. as one of Ethiopian largest printing and paper converting company. Its long history, good reputation, equipped with advanced technologies and professional expertise. Yekatit paper converting is able to offer quality paper printing and packaging services, to cope with the different needs of customer. Since its privatization, Yekatit Paper Converting Plc. has undergone through different stages of reform in a bid to bring about an overall organizational effectiveness and efficiency to the level that matches customers’ expectations.


Our ambition is to become a printing, paper converting and paper manufacturing company & the preferred east African brand in printing, paper converting and manufacturing. This ambition is directly supported by our brand strategy. We define our own category & positioning within paper industry to differentiate us from our competitors: bringing ideas to life. We place ‘bringing ideas to life’ at the heart of all our brands to unify Yekatit efforts and to grow as a strong brand.

These are our major sub-brands:





YEKATIT has established an Executive Committee, which comprises managing director, CEO, CCO, CFO, CHO and certain experienced leaders, allowing functions, businesses and markets to be represented at the highest levels in the Company.


 Under the chairmanship of the managing director/CEO, the members of the Executive Committee share powers and responsibilities for the management of the Company, the deployment of its strategy and policies, and the achievement of its objectives and results.

ü Quality policy 

Yekatit Paper Converting Plc. (YPC) implements a Quality Policy supported with the application of ISO 9001:2015 quality management system. It promotes ‘a quality in all-we-do philosophy’ and expresses our commitment for continual improvement. We consider quality as conformance to our customer’s specifications and quality requirements that is consistently applied across our product realization processes.

We are committed to fully comply with regulatory requirements and internal policies and quality standards to guarantee highest quality products & services to our customers and end users alike.

Yekatit demonstrates its commitment to quality by: 

Ø        Ensuring optimal utilization of resources, skills and proficiencies;

Ø       Nurturing a quality culture and facilitating the engagement of employees through training, communication, positive reinforcement and empowerment.

Ø       Applying stringent quality vetting on supplies;

Ø       Reducing waste and inefficiency;

Ø       Ensuring high performance and defect free products by using modern technologies;

Ø       Preserving the natural resource by using environmental friendly technologies;

Ø       Setting product quality parameters and consistently applying them;

Ø       Properly scheduling & tracking production orders;

Ø       Periodically reviewing & improving our quality management system;                   


“Quality in all we do philosophy”