Facilities & Machineries


Facilities & Machinery

The company is located in Addis Ababa with the main factory near to the area customarily known as Gerji. The tissue paper products manufacturing plant is situated near to Flamingo and the book printing near to Kaliti. The factory has a land holding area of more than 30,000m2 and easily accessible as it is situated in the center of the city. The company has four warehouses, six production shop floors, two workshops, administrative offices, gate sales outlet and staff canteen.


Essential technologies are available at Yekatit Paper Converting Plc. To name them in particular currently there are exercise book manufacturing machines, printing presses (Kord, Flexo, MO, Speed master etc.), waste paper recycling machine, cut size sheeting (A4) and wrapping machines, folding machines, plate makers, stitching machine, perforating machine, cutting machine, camera and binding machines, web machine, self-adhesive label and metallic labels making machines are among the roaster of machine technologies that we own.

Labeling machineExercise books makes machineLablingSpeed MasterA4 paper making machine

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